A primer for Sunday’s elections in Turkey

Turkey’s Parliamentary Elections are tomorrow, and Istanbul is pulsing with demonstrations and campaigns for possible candidates. The current group in control, the Justice and Development Party, (AKP) seems poised to hold on to a house majority, and its candidate for Prime Minster, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, is ahead in the polls. But opposition parties are out in force, trying to sway voters away from the conservative AKP. This year’s election is especially important because the ruling party plans to rewrite parts of the Constitution after the elections are complete. With 550 Parliament seats in contention, Sunday’s vote will determine which path Turkey’s secular government will take into the future. Click here to see Jessica Gagne and Rob Tokanel’s report on the election.


About carlenehempel

I teach journalism at Northeastern University in Boston, and am leading a team of students abroad to report and write.
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