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Our students have been taking video of some of the sights around Jordan and Turkey. Here’s a sampling of what they’ve come up with:

From Turkey:

• Turkey’s election for prime minister is coming up on Sunday. The campaign rallies, trucks, flags and protests are everywhere. One of our students caught a glimpse of the AKP party’s campaign truck playing music and propaganda near Istanbul Modern museum. Click here to watch it. (Video by Anthony Savvides)


Click here to watch His Emminence, Bishop Germanos, Metropolitan of Tranoupolis, presiding over a memorial service at Agia Triada Church in Taksim Square. (Video by Anthony Savvides)


• An extremely important part of the culture in Istanbul is its fish. Its fish markets, its fishermen, its fish restaurants. There are many of those… Here’s a glimpse of the lively scene outside of one restaurant in the Fish Market district – a wonderful place to eat. (Video by Anthony Savvides)


• There’s a wonderful park right near our hotel in Istanbul. Almost every day since we’ve been here, there have been live music and dance performances. Here’s a glimpse of one of those. And here’s a glimpse of another. (Video by Erin Kelly)


• Like Jordan, Turkey is a Muslim country. So, the call to prayer rings out here, as well – in Turkish of course. One of our students thought it would be a nice comparison to the Arabic version (below.) Click here to hear it. (Video by Erin Kelly)


• In Istanbul, Turkey, at the Topkapi Palace, someone reads the Koran, in shifts, non-stop (24 hours a day, every day of the year). Click here for a clip of what it sounds like. Here’s a second clip, with better audio. (Video by Anthony Savvides)

From Jordan:

Amman is a peaceful city, but there are occasions when people gather to protest. On Wednesday afternoon – Independence Day in Jordan – what started as a gathering of hundreds shifted to thousands as people came together in protest of the regime in Syria. Click here to see a glimpse of what we saw. (Photo and video by Rob Sansone.)


• Hanna Trudo, one of our reporters on the program, wrote a piece about the culture of hijabs – the head scarves worn by Muslim women. As part of Hanna’s reporting, she asked a young girl at a scarf shop to wrap her head. Click here to watch that process unfold.


Click here to see the city of Amman as its laid out below the Citadel, which is an ancient mosque and a temple to Hercules high up on a hill. The video was taken during the beautiful call to player. (Video by Michele Richinick)


• On one of our first nights in Jordan, we were taken to a downtown cafe and served traditional Jordanian food. As the students and our hosts smoked sheesha, two men played traditional music. Click here to see and hear their performance. (Video by Michele Richinick)


• The students were brought to Petra, a holy city, carved into the rocks, that reaches into the sky. Click here to see the view from the highest peak. (Video by Michele Richinick)


• We were driven around in the Wadi Rum desert in clunky jeeps. Click here to get a feel of what the ride was like. While none of these vehicles would probably pass inspection, one in particular was in desperate need of a tune up. At one point, on a sand dune, some of the students and Professor Denis Sullivan had to push the truck down a hill so the driver could pop the clutch. Click here to see how masterfully they managed. (Video by Michele Richinick.) NEW: Another student shared his video. It’s even better. Click here to watch it. (Video by Rob Tokanel)


• We were taken on a boat ride to swim in the Gulf of Aqaba, a canal-shaped waterway that flows between Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Israel. Click here to watch the boat cut through the beautiful waters of the Red Sea. (Video by Michele Richinick)


• We’re all struck with how much American TV is translated into Arabic here. Click here to hear an excerpt of cartoon favorite Phineas and Ferb, in Arabic.


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